London Heritage Training offers two handbooks, one of which is of general interest for all tour guides and one of which is specific to the City of Westminster.

The Tour Guide’s Way: Skills for exterior, interior and virtual guiding
by Caroline Dunmore

This 150-page skills handbook covers all you need to know about exterior, interior and virtual guiding. The content is arranged in twelve chapters:

  • Starting the Journey
  • Mapping the Landscape
  • Exploring the Literature
  • Trusting the Process
  • Framing the Skills
  • Designing the Tour
  • Crafting the Commentary
  • Addressing the Audience
  • Firing the Imagination
  • Handling the Logistics
  • Training the Mind
  • Taking the Leap

Westminster Miscellany: Knowledge for guiding in the City of Westminster
by Caroline Dunmore

This 200-page knowledge handbook is a cornucopia of fascinating information about the City of Westminster and its cultural heritage. Chapters include:

  • Royal Westminster
  • Political Westminster
  • Legal Westminster
  • Religious Westminster
  • Military and Colonial Westminster
  • Learned Westminster
  • Medical Westminster
  • Cultural Westminster
  • Popular Westminster
  • Monuments and Public Art
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Transport

These two handbooks are essential reading for students on the Westminster Tour Guiding course and are also available to other interested readers.

Both books are priced at £15, and there is a small extra charge for P&P. Please contact us via the form below to find out more or to order your copies.

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